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Ascending Dena Central Ridge

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1. Altitude: Climbing more than 15 mounts 4000+ m in 5 days, highest peak: 4435 m

 2. Geographical index:

      a. From Bijan pass: 30° 48' 23,52" N,        51° 43' 42,89" E

      b. To Khafr village: 30° 59' 41,77" N,       51° 28' 49,16" E

 3. Best Time: Mid Spring to the end of summer

 4. Position: 213 km northwest of Shiraz, 262 km southwest of Esfahan. End of the climbing will be 247 km south of Esfahan 
5. Sort: Sedimentary

 6. Launch Spot height: 3200 m (Bijan Pass)

 7. Sketch

 8. Grade


The tour starts from Shiraz.

Day 1:


At 7 am drive from Shiraz to Sisakht (4 hours). Have breakfast near Shish Pir Lake locating 3200 m above sea level.Then pass Sepidan and Yasouj cities along the way, have lunch in Sisakht and make ready for 5-day trekking by packing all the necessary equipment. Stay overnight in Sisakht.


Day 2:


Hike towards Bijan Pass to Sichani valley and capture Sichani peak (4195 m). Reaching the central ridge of Dena, climb towards the central Houzdal (4359 m). Capture Hara peak (4260 m), western Karsumi (4245 m) and eastern Karsumi (4450 m) peaks. Set up camp in a suitable place near western Karsumi peak to stay overnight.

Totally 10 hours climbing


Day 3:


At 7 a.m. we will continue our climb along the central ridge. Pass Bijan peak (4340 m), Se Gop-e Asemani of Bijan 2 (4350 m), Capiri (4215 m) and Ghezel Gholeh (4378 m) peaks. Finally set up camp in Keikhosro col.

Totally 9 hours climbing.


Day 4:


Early in the morning go on climbing along the central ridge. Pass Bon Rood peak (4330 m) and Ghash-e Mastan of Bijan 3 which is the highest peak in Dena mountains chain (4435 m). Continue the ridge and set up camp in Ghash-e Mastan col.


Day 5:

Today set out trekking to the village of Khafr where we will finish 5-day climbing. Pay a visit to the highlights of this village and stay overnight.



Drive to Esfahan via Shahr-e Kurd. Pay a visit to Shahr-e Kurd and rub elbows with the nomads.