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  • iran, kerman, group of tourists in iranian clothes 


    Iranlife Tours


    IranLife is a style of tour designed by the several years of experience and familiarity with requests of travelers by the designers of at P.T.A Company. The main attempt in this style is to reduce the utilization of private transportations...



    iran, tourist with his guide & driver in abyaneh natureShort Trips To Iran


    Everything is suitably planned for you to embark on a short vacation to savour the splendid culture and civilization of this territory.


  • iran, a bird in the nature of abyaneh village


    Tailor-made & Business Travel


    PTA is ready to manage and operate commercial tours, make appointments for conferences and seminars, find colleagues or representatives.

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    Iran Elderly Tours


    Iran can be a quiet and impressive place for elders which bring calmness. In Iran elders receive respect a lot as each Iranian learns to respect older ones.

  • iran, tent of nomads


    Iran Anthropology Tours


    PTA has 5 special tour which are the sub class of this main tour.

  • iran, the statue in front of shapur cave


    Iran Cave Tours


    As we are in touch with Iranian groups of cave rolling we can arrange a well-organized and professional plan for you. Since there are big and beautiful cave in Alborz and Zagros mountains, there may be the best choice for those who interested in caving as a professional or an amateur.

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    Iran Day-/Half Day Tour


    In this tour you can see more than 120 tours in 22 classifications. All these tours can be operated in Fars province and are the results of our team work for 7 years.

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    Iran Trekking Tours

    The nature of Iran has various climates due to the special geographical situation. You can experience most of nature tours in Iran.


    iran, isfahan, ali ghapoA Glance of Persia

    (8 days)


    Experiences the history and culture of Iran as a wonderful country in somehow a different way.Glance of Persia is a professional and comprehensive preface which summarizes a 100 page book in a single!





    iran, a group of iran travellers in shazde gardenPerfect Persia

    (21 Days)



    For those who wish to observe a collection of archaeological, historical and beautiful architecture along with continental and ethnical.


  • iran, nature of abyaneh


    Bazargan to Chabahar

    (26 Days)


    For the convenience of all tourists who desire to travel through Iran PTA plans an itinerary to cross Iran. Depart Bazargan every last Wednesday of each month. In this itinerary we provide visa, car and guide...


  • iran, sunset in gheshm

    Chabahar to Bazargan

    (24 Days)


    For the convenience of all tourists who have the desire to visit Iran, PTA plans an itinerary to cross Iran.


  • iran, iranian girl in front of pomogranate trees


    Brilliant Persia



    Brilliant of Persia is a complete and outstanding traveling to Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan, Hamedan, Kermanshah, Takab, Tabriz, Kaleibar....



    iran, people skiing in dizin ski resortSki, Sun, Sea,Sand & Summit

    (21 Days)


    You will have the chance to enjoy skiing in dreamy Alborz, swimming in the pearl of Persian Gulf and Kish, safari in Shahdad desert...




    iran, mahan,tourists and their giude in a gardenParadise in Persia

    (17 Days)


    Most beautiful beaches, most lovely ski resorts, starry sky of desert, oldest forests of the world, ... are among the glorious beauties of Paradise of Persia.




    iran, kerman, woman selling iranian spiceRomance of Persia

       (16 Days)


     Iran is a country of rich history and spectacular architectural marvels....


    Best Time : Spring, Summer, Fall

  • iran, kerman, garden in mahan


    Glories of Persia

     (16 Days)


    In Glories of Persia we will visit a collection of beauties of cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Persepolis, Bam, Rayn, Mahan, Kerman, Zeinoddin, Yazd, .....



  • iran, kerman, camel riding

    Iran Manzel Tour

    (16 Days)


    Manzel tour is a real experience of travelling of eastern people before the invention of cars. Hundred years ago Iranians traveled through forests and deserts by camels and horses.



    iran, kerman, a group of tourists in shazdeh gardenIran, Then & Now

    (15 Days)

    A combined Dubai-Iran tour for the North American and European travelers who like to take part in once in a lifetime adventure tour.After numerous live shows of “Iran, Then and Now” in the USA, this tour has been sold well.

  • iran, ferdowsi statue in mashhad


    Persian Time Machine

    (15 Days)


    If you choose Persian time machine tour you will visit the primitive and modern civilizations via travelling to Chogha zanbil, Susa, Shush tar, Bishaboor, Shiraz, Pasargadae, Persepolis, Yazd, Isfahan, and Mashhad.




  • iran, shiraz, persepolis


    Treasure of Persia

    (12 Days)


    All your interests are included in our "Treasures of Persia" as a tour which covers the most famous cities of Iran ...